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「 Our Story 」

Our story

After a decade of challenging the status quo within fashion - putting Norway on the global map, the harsh reality of the retail environment kicked us in our face in September 2017 when our company went under.

But we never finished.

Instead, we decided to do what many thought was unconventional. We took back control of our own company and decided to turn things around. We have always followed our own path, and believed that our role as a brand on this planet is to inspire more people to follow their wildest dreams.

And so we decided to team up with the most creative individuals there are. Those who had taken a different path than the rest of society, and followed their gut-instinct the same way Moods had in all these years.

Then we gave them the freedom to create. To draw and input on how our stores should look, both online and physical, to use the stores as if it was their own, and to design our clothes with us. We wanted to involve them in every aspect of our business and will continue to do so going forward. Moods Collective is the brain and creative hub of Moods.

And so in March 2019 we re-launched our company together. Taking with us our core values around challenging the status-quo, and focusing purely on high quality menswear which has always been our strength.

Our mission is to create moods and stories that inspire you. Because we believe that you, just like we did, can rise again whenever something slaps you in your face, and continue to chase your wildest dreams.

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