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Mugisho's corner


This is my story

// chased by guerilla soldiers to becoming an international artist //
Hey guys! Nice to e-meet you all.

My name is Mugisho. I'm incredibly humble and grateful to be here today, as an artist and member of Moods Collective - doing what I love, with the people I love, and having the opportunity to impact other people’s lives in a positive way.

Looking back at my life so far, I guess I haven’t gone through a traditional path to becoming a signed artist.

For me it started in DR Congo, Africa where I grew up. Man, had I told anyone down there that I wanted to become a singer and a songwriter, they would have all just laughed at me.

Maybe I should have been a runner? Well, at least the first part of my life consisted of a lot of running. But not of the enjoyable type. Civil war broke out in DR Congo at the very time when my parents went on a trip to Norway. We were 8 siblings still left in the country when this happened. As soon as my parents heard the news, the first thing they tried to do was to get on the first flight back there, to come save my siblings and I. But then their biggest nightmare became a reality; they were told that they couldn’t leave Norway, as it wasn’t safe to return to their home country until the war was over.

I still remember the bombs and the guerilla soldiers storming our neighbours house. The only thought I had was “we have to run away, fast”.

We ran for 1,5 years.

My parents managed to get in touch with a few missionaries who agreed to travel to DR Congo to look for us. After a few months of searching they found us. All safe and together. Before we knew it, we were on the plane to another country - to Norway. We couldn’t believe we had made it, and that we were now safe from the civil war.
Once we were reunited with my parents, my younger brother, who was only one year old when the war broke out, thought for a long time that these two people were strangers. He had got accustomed to thinking that my sister was in fact his mother. We still laugh of that today.

Once I stepped into this cold-ass country, I remember feeling free. Opportunities was ahead of me, and I soon found myself attending music-school and playing the guitar. I don’t know why, but music has always been a calling for me. I think it’s the ability that I have to lift people up and improve their mood through my music. I see that as a gift I want to use well.

And so the story takes me to today. I am a signed artist with Warner Music, part of Moods Collective, and get to do what I love to do. I want to inspire others to never give up - a new future always lies ahead. If you grab it.

Would love to meet you all and hear your stories too over a coffee or some ping pong one day at our Oslo store, so hopefully catch you soon guys.



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