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Chris' corner


This is my journey

// spotted on Youtube to becoming an award winning artist //
What’s up guys and thank you so much for visiting my site…!

I only have one goal with this site, and that is a hope that by writing this I will inspire someone else to follow their own dream in life just like I did. Sounds super cheesy, I know, but also so important.

My name is Chris Holsten, and I’m an artist.

But I didn’t start out as an artist. Growing up, I loved acting. I actually started out in the shoes of Oliver Twist, playing the lead role at the age of 10 (super scary), along with various other acting-gigs up until I was 15. I love to entertain people, and being on stage in front of hundreds of people was to me the most natural thing to do at the time.

However, it didn’t take me too long until I found my way into music. Both my grandfather and father are musicians by heart, and so I guess it was only a matter of time before it was time for me to step up to the plate.

The piano was the first instrument that I truly connected with, and I remember spending hours on hours playing. Reading music notes however was simply not for me. Maybe I was just too impatient, but I way preferred to learn the piano by trying and failing, over and over again. And I loved it (but perhaps my parents not so much initially?).

I have never been great at expressing my feelings, however music to me was as much then, as it is now, a platform for me to be vulnerable and to express my inner feelings to the world around me. It has always been easier for me to sing whatever is on my heart, than to speak the words to someone else.

That said, music remained confined within the walls of my home for a big part of my teenage years.

But then one winter night when I was 17, that all changed. I remember inviting my friends over for dinner at my place, and wanted to get their input on a new song I had taught myself on my guitar.
Looking back, that song and dinner became the defining moment for me as an artist, and for my life up until now.

Turns out my friend recorded the session without me knowing, and posted it on Youtube when he got home.

A while later later I got a phone call from a record label. They had spotted the video on Youtube (in your face Justin Bieber), and told me I had talent. What, me? Oliver Twist? The guy who doesn’t read notes?

“We want to invite you to our office to play some songs for us”, they told me.

And there I was - on my way over to a major record label’s offices in Oslo. Sounds crazy, I know! I couldn’t even believe it myself at the time.

I signed my first record label deal with Sony Music, and in 2016 I signed with Warner Music.

60 million streams later, labelled Norway’s Top Artist by NRJ Music Awards, and singing on stage in front of 80,000 people all shouting my lyrics at the same time - leads me to today. I’m a humble, simple guy from Lillestrøm in Norway - but with big dreams.

Hope to see you around in our Moods Oslo store, and maybe I’ll be the one recording a session of you singing and uploading it to Youtube next time!



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