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My path to becoming limitless

// kicked out of art school to becoming an international movie star //
Hey guys, I’m Fabian and thanks for popping by my page.

I’m going to share a bit of my story with you, in the hope that I can light a fire in someone who is feeling down or doesn’t have the same prerequisites to “succeed” in life as others may do. Success is anyway subjective, and I think what’s even more important is to have ambition and to be yourself, always.

I don’t come from a particularly wealthy background. I’m half Mexican / half Norwegian, and whilst I didn’t grow up with the same financial stability as others may have, we had one thing in our house that beats everything. We had love and trust. And those two things have been pivotal for me in shaping my career. My father always believed in me and told me to pursue my wildest dreams, whilst my mum - wow - I wish you could all meet her; she is one hell of a woman, and I have and will always continue to be inspired by her.

The path to where I am today hasn’t been easy however, I’ll tell you that. Being kicked out of art school, and going through some heavy periods of depression and anxiety, I didn’t realise that I was a victim of worrying what other people think of me, and it wasn’t until I became aware of all these negative thoughts that I finally managed to break free from them.

I’ve always felt different. Writing poetry, doing jazz-ballet and acting somehow wasn’t the recipe for being popular when I was young. But I’ve been lucky to have one very strong skill in my DNA, and that is my ability to form a vision in my head and build up the hunger and determination to go after it - relentlessly, no matter what comes in my way.

And so with a clear vision of merging breakdance with acting, and getting rid of all my self-limiting thoughts, things started to happen.

My best friends and I formed a dance crew (check out @thejuicecrew), and the ball started rolling in terms of acting gigs.

But it wasn’t until someone from a casting department came knocking on our practice door, that I knew that I had to really step up to the plate.

I remember it as if it was yesterday; they asked if we knew someone who could both dance and act. For real? This is what I had practiced almost my whole life! Yup, I’m your guy!

Tons of audition-hours later, I got the role. “Battle” - a movie screening in cinemas in Norway, and which was later bought by Netflix. I couldn’t believe my ears, and I remember crying when I called my parents to tell them the news. The opposite kind of tears that I had experienced a few years earlier during my tougher days. I had made it.

And so here I am today.

I don’t want to label myself as an actor or a dancer. I believe labelling yourself to be one thing or the other puts limits on yourself. And we are all limitless, whether we know it yet or not.

If you ever have doubts about yourself, remember to listen to your gut instinct. It’s the only thing that matters. Only you can bring yourself up again. It’ll take time, but hopefully like I did, you’ll manage too.

Until next time my friends.


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