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Moods Collective is for those few who chase their dreams every single day.
Those who initially gets criticized for not sticking to the regular path of society
and who goes through all the hardship that is part of the journey in making them who they are.

We inspire others to dare to do more. To be different. To be themselves.

Chris Holsten

Chris' corner

Andreas Hem

Fabian Svegaard Tapia


The story continues // spain

It’s been 1.5 year since our company went bankrupt. To be honest, we didn’t know where to start in terms of building it back up again. But we knew that what we all loved with our past and what we wanted to continue to stay true to - was our ability to always follow our own path and take the hits if they come (and oh did they come), and to always keep on fighting and climbing towards our vision.

We have always drawn inspiration from creative environments and people when we have designed our clothes, with the one goal of inspiring others through what we do - and so this time we decided to take it one step further. We decided to hands-on involve people from top creative environments in shaping the future of our moods brand.

And so over the last six months, we have worked side-by-side with Norway’s and some of the world’s top artists, dancers, painters and videographers, merging the discipline of fashion retail with art.

To celebrate it all and to prepare for our launch in Norway, we decided to bring the whole collective down to Spain - and to enjoy the mix of different skillsets in order to create something extraordinary. It was time to bring all our creators under one roof, on one trip.
And wow, did the trip deliver… We’re talking DJs creating videos with Youtube-stars, artists learning to breakdance, and painters drawing inspiration from rap-poetry - and clothes designers drawing inspiration from it all.

Moods has always been a brand which has paved its own path, now we are representing those who do the same.

We are Moods Collective.

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